No one likes receiving an unexpectedly high bill – whether it’s in a restaurant, supermarket or as a phone bill. If you live in a house with children or share a landline, you can never be exactly sure what the phone is being used for and how much it is costing.

There may also be occasions you call a number without realising it was premium rate until the bill arrives.

BT has introduced a phone that can help, the BT 8600 is a home phone packed with features that let you control what type of numbers are being dialled and prevent unwanted surprises on your phone bill. That's not all, it can block up to 100% of nuisance calls.

BT customers can currently get a brilliant 42% off, taking the price of one handset down to £34.99 (from £59.99) or two handsets to £49.99 (previously £79.99). Find out more.

BT 8600 home phone

The Parental Control feature lets you PIN protect calls to Mobile, International and Premium numbers, barring users from making potentially expensive calls.

Anyone using the BT 8600 will need to enter the PIN to make a call to one of those groups when you’ve set up the feature.  Other calls you can dial as normal.  You can choose to share the PIN or keep it to yourself.

For ultimate control of outgoing calls, you can add a PIN to All dialled calls, so no one can make a call without your permission.

As well as helping to prevent young people calling mobiles, Parental Control is also useful for elderly relatives who may unwittingly call premium rate phone numbers.

Features to block unwanted calls

Parental Control is just one of the many features the BT 8600 has to give you more control over your home phone.

Block nuisance calls: Powered by trueCall technology you can block up to 100% of nuisance calls. Incoming calls not on your contact list are asked to say their name and it's up to you whether you accept the call.

Block button:  This easy-to-reach button lets you instantly block unwanted incoming calls. You can also use it once you’ve answered the phone to end the call and block the number.

Advanced call blocking:   As well as blocking individual phone numbers, the BT 8600 lets you block calls by type, such as withheld numbers and unknown numbers, along with international, mobile or payphone calls. 

Do Not Disturb: If you are watching Corrie and really don’t want to be disturbed, activate Do Not Disturb and the BT 8600 won’t ring or light up. Only calls from people you’ve saved as VIPs will get through.

Other features: The BT 8600 can store up to 200 contacts and has a 60 minute answerphone for messages, along with a 1.8-inch colour screen that displays missed calls and text messages. It has a long range of 300m outdoors and 50m indoors.

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The BT8600 is available now from BT Products and Services, BT customers can save a brilliant 42%, taking the cost of the phone down to just £34.99. Find out more.