Whether you're at school, university or are a parent of a student, there’s a wide range of tech deals at BT Shop. It’s important for students to have the right tech in order to get their work done to the best standard.

Tools like Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook can all help students get the job done to a professional standard, plus teach vital skills that can benefit students in the future. There’s still time to get ahead of the game – save up to £25 on Back to School bundles at BT Shop.

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For Secondary School

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For most high school students, there’s always lots of homework, research, coursework and revision to do for exams. It’s important for high school students to have the right technology to help them get to where they want to go at school and in their future careers, while learning vital skills along the way.

Travelling to and from class means they need a device that’s light and easy to carry. Accessories like a laptop bag can help. 

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Suggested products: Asus Chromebook C300SA, Belkin laptop bag, Toshiba 16GB USB, Logitech Wireless Mouse Save £15 when bought together

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For University

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It’s common for university students to work between university and home when traveling to and from campus daily. Like high school students, university students need a device that’s easy to transport to and from lectures and seminars – but it also needs to be packed full of tools and power.

Note-taking is an essential part of any university student’s life, especially in seminars and lectures. It’s difficult to hand write so many notes so using a device to take down notes is much more practical, especially when they need printing off.

Assessments take place almost daily – and most universities like electronic submissions as they’re easier to mark and read. University students need a powerful device suitable for extensive research, assignments and dissertations.

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Suggested products: Apple MacBook Air, Toshiba 2TB Portable Hard Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Magic Mouse 2 Save £20 when bought together!

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For Parents

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For many parents, it’s difficult to know which products to buy for your children when it comes to school or university. However, you do know that they need a device that’s productive and helps them get their work done to the best of their abilities. It’s important to look for a device equipped with innovative tools to help with projects, essays, presentations and more.

The right technology can help students collaborate, communicate and articulate ideas more effectively in the future, but it’s sometimes difficult to find tech that’s affordable and effective.

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Suggested products: Acer Aspire Spin 5, Kingston USB Flash Drive, Synology NAS Enclosure, Microsoft Office 365 Home, Asus ZenScreen Save £25 when bought together!

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