Summer is sadly coming to an end – but the bugs are still out in force. Earlier this week, reports suggested that matters could get even worse with the arrival of German worker wasps, who have wrapped up their hive-tending for the year and have nothing better to do than ruin the rest of our summer.

If you’ve had enough, one of these gadgets could be the solution for a buzz-free time in the sun.

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Shoo Away

Price: £19.99


The biggest way insects tend to be a nuisance is around food. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a picnic or a barbecue, they’ll be mooching close by. Shoo Away does exactly what it says on the tin – two blades rotate sending out small pinpoints of light that confuse wasps and flies, keeping them about four feet away. Shoo Away is environmentally friendly and will stop as soon as something touches the blades, so it’s safe for all.



Price: £19.90


If you want rid of bugs but want to do so humanely, BugZooka could be for you. The vacuum device allows you to suck insects into a removable tube, which you can then use to set them free outside without killing them. BugZooka is ideal for any height as well, as the telescopic arm is able to extend by 24 inches.


Portable Mosquito Repeller

Price: £14.99


Need to keep your distance from pesky mosquitos while you’re on the move? The Portable Mosquito Repeller could be the solution. The device can be worn on your wrist or clipped onto clothing, where it emits a range of ultrasonic frequencies that repel mosquitos. There are four range settings – the lowest is enough to keep mosquitos away from one individual, while the highest offers 1.5 meters of protection.


The Mosquito Repellent app

Price: Free

Website: Google Play (for Android)

This one’s similar to the Portable Mosquito Repeller, except it’s free on your phone. The Mosquito Repellent is just one of several free apps already available on app stores for iOS, Android and other operating systems, which claim to play out an ultrasonic sound that insects dislike. Going by the reviews left by users, the results are a bit hit and miss – but as it’s free, it might be worth a try.


The Executioner

Price: £10.99


You might already be familiar with products like The Executioner. It’s a battery-powered bug zapper that allows you to kill flies with a small electrical charge as you swing at them. The Executioner has a button to activate the electricity and an LED light indicator, but not all bug zappers do.