Windows 10 may be the version of its OS that Microsoft really wants you to use, but 29 years ago the tech giant launched Windows 2.0.

On December 9, 1987 Microsoft launched the second version of Windows, Windows 2.0. Unlike today, when 73% of adults use a computer every day, the majority were used in offices.

Windows 2.0 wasn’t a landmark release like its successor Windows 3 .0 , but brought with it some features still being used today:

On December 9, 1987 Microsoft released Windows 2.0 with desktop icons and expanded memory.

Windows 2 saw the introduction of the ‘Control Panel’ – a feature still used today.

Windows 2.0 interface

This was the first version where application windows could overlap each other. It sounds simple, but in Windows  1.0 all windows were side by side within a tiled interface.

Windows 2 supported VGA graphics, a standard for screens created by IBM. VGA has a resolution of 640x480.

The terms Minimize and Maximise were used for the first time, replacing Iconize and Zoom from Windows 1.0.

Windows 2 box

Windows 2.0 ran the first Windows versions of Word and Excel.

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Six months after the launch of Windows 2.0 Microsoft released Windows 2.1x (also known as Windows/386) on May 27, 1988. This included Intel’s new 386 processor, which supported improved memory.

Windows/386 launched with possibly the worst tech advert we’ve seen. Check out the video below – at about 7.10 you’ll see a cringeworthy rap

Microsoft went on to sell one million copies of Windows 2.0 and Windows 2.1x in 1988 - compare that to sales of Windows 7, which topped 630 million licences (including business) in July 2012.

In 1988, a year after the launch of Windows 2.0, Microsoft became the world’s largest software company based on sales.

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