Your computer screen is a delicate piece of equipment that should be handled with care. But even when you manage to fight the urge to tap on the screen (a massive faux pas, if you don’t already know) your screen will pick up dirt and dust as time goes by.

We’ve previously explained how you can clean your keyboard, and now it’s time to take a good look at your computer display, following these dos and don’ts:

Do… turn everything off

Safety first! Before you get started on any cleaning with an electrical appliance of any sort you should switch it off and unplug it. We don’t want any nasty electric shocks…

Don’t… use any old cloth

A microfibre cloth is the best because the fabric doesn’t produce lint. Tea towels, napkins, toilet paper and kitchen towel are a no go, as they’re just too rough and you run the risk of scratching your screen.

If you don’t have a microfibre cloth already, you can buy one cheaply such as the Essentials anti-microbial (£2.99) or Fellowes smartphone cleaner and microfibre cloth (£4.99).

Do… wipe with a circular motion

Start by giving a gentle wipe across to remove any dirt and then focus on any stains with a circular motion.

Don’t… press too hard

As we said, computer displays are very sensitive so you shouldn’t press too hard. The cloth you use should be applied very gently across the screen.

Do… use water for tougher stains

For those stains that refuse to budge, you can use water with extreme caution. Distilled water is best – find an atomizer bottle and apply a really small amount to the cloth – don’t spray the water directly on to the screen and don’t drench the cloth.

Don’t… try using any home cleaning solutions

Home cleaning solutions could be too strong for the screen, so they’re absolutely not advised when cleaning your display. Window cleaners and so-called all-purpose cleaners are no exception.

Do… try screen wipes with caution

It’s really not necessary to buy screen wipes but if you’d prefer it, go ahead – there are loads to choose from such as the Fellowes Performance 100 screen wipes (£5,84) or Essentials screen wipes (£5.99) - but do so with caution. Ensure they contain no alcohol and read reviews online to see how others found it.

Do... check what your manufacturer recommends

Screens vary, so if you have any concerns, check online to see if your laptop or monitor manufacturer has any cleaning suggestions.

Do you have any tips for cleaning your computer screen? Share them with us below!