Back up your documents and photos: 6 of the best storage devices

Whetherit's photos, films, music or documents, you can rest assured these gadgets will keep your files safe...

If you use a laptop, tablet or phone it’s really important to back up your digital files – documents, photos, videos and music - on a regular basis.

More of us are rely on technology. We’re using mobile phones to take photos or laptops to keep our store digital files and unfortunately technology failures happen. Losing files could be at best inconvenient and at worse devastating.

Luckily it’s fairly simple and cheap to back up your files, here are six devices that can help.

For advice on backing up an Android device read our article: How to back up your Android smartphone and tablet.

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Lighter than light

Kingston Technology MobileLite Wireless Pro


Price: £68.99

Website: Amazon

MobileLite really is as light as a feather and small enough to fit conveniently in any bag.

However, its size isn't the only thing going for it. It's a really good all in one.

The 6700mAh battery can charge up your phone up (up to two and a half times), backup films and photos from your phone or tablet using an app, or even use the little box to stream content.

In addition to housing a USB and SD port, it comes with 64GB of storage.

It's wireless - unless of course you're charging it/charging your phone, but you will need to download the accompanying app and have access to wi-fi for some functions (streaming and copying data).


Rugged and ready

G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATC Thunderbolt Case & 1TB G-DRIVE ev Drive


Price: £148

Website: Jigsaw24

Whether you're hiking up a mountain, kayaking on a choppy sea or simply just a bit clumsy, this super rugged hard drive will handle everything you throw at it.

Encased in a durable coating, it's drop (to 2m), water (to 1ft for 30 seconds), pressure and dust proof, which means that if you love to travel and want an external hard drive to store your precious photos and films on, this is the hard drive for you.

Likewise, if you think you're just as likely to drop it in your home study, it's equally suitable! It's not just about the outer layer, this comes with top-notch tech too. There's 1TB of storage and it connects via Thunderbolt to make for quick transfer times.


Apple of your eye

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory for Apple Lightning Devices w/ Ice USB Drive


Price: From £35.23

Website: Amazon

Specifically for those with Apple devices (as it connects via the lightning port), this memory stick will give you valuable extra storage.

There are three key functions: transferring and backing up files from your phone/iPad onto other devices via USB, linking up with your camera so that when you take photos they are stored directly onto the stick, and playing stored content (though not DRM protected content).

The accompanying app is about as straight forward as you're going to get, just pick which of the three options above you'd like to use and off you go.

Available in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB options.


Speed up

Seagate 2TB USB 3.0 Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive


Price: £69.99

Website: Maplin

A go-to brand for hard drives, this Seagate model is great for your home study.

It's not particularly exciting to look at, but what it does, it does very well, namely, stores a massive amount of content and has quick transfer speeds.

With a capacity of 2TB, you can keep around 500 full-length movies on it, and transfer them onto the device with USB 3.0 port - which is what gives you the quick transfer times (up to 5GB/s).

What's more, this is really competitively priced. For an easy-to-use external hard drive, you'll really struggle to beat it.


Home alone

WD My Cloud


Price: From £134.98

Website: BTShop

This isn't a portable device, but it does offer a portable service.

Kept in your house and plugged into your home network, it connects to all of your devices - whether that's a phone, PC or tablet, then backs up all of your content to the cloud so that even if you're across the other side of the world, you can still access files created and saved on your PC back home.

The main benefit of this is that it allows you to travel light and you'll not have the fear of leaving your external hard drive on a bus somewhere! You can opt for storage capacities of 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB.


Designer appeal

The LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Drive (from June)


Price: From £125 (4TB)

Website: Lacie

Given this gizmo has been designed in conjunction with Porsche, you just know it's going to be sleek to look at and fast to operate. It's not out until June but with an aluminium exterior to protect your precious data, it promises to be a good, sturdy device.

There are going to be three versions to choose from; 4TB, 5TB and 8TB. All three come with USB-C connecter and 3.1 interface for quick transfer speeds.

On top of that it comes with Eco Mode software so you're using less energy when it's not in use.

For advice on backing up Windows 7 check out our article: How to back up Windows 7 safely.

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