Technology is something we are using more and more in our daily lives, be it a laptop, digital camera, tablet or smartphone.

Many people find technology confusing and it’s easy to see why. Children today are growing up using technology on a daily basis, while many adults are discovering devices like laptops and tablets for the first time.  And using them can be a little intimidating.

BT’s Tech Expert service can help. It’s a paid-for telephone support desk/support team staffed by experts that can answer queries or help-solve problems you may have with your computer and gadgets.

BT Tech Experts

What can BT Tech Experts help with?

BT Tech Experts can help customers with things such as installing software, online security, dealing with viruses, backing up data and setting up a home network.

They’re also skilled at answering questions about hardware, software, computer memory, applications or operating systems.

It’s not just BT products either – they can help with questions about mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, cameras and printers.


How does it work?

If you need some help or advice call the freephone number supplied to reach Tech Experts based in Newcastle or Leicester

Support is available 365-days a year from 8am to 11pm, out of these hours the services offers online support.

During the call, if you’ve got a problem with your computer, a Tech Expert can take control of it remotely. This can enable them to quickly uncover what the problem is and means you don’t have to follow complicated instructions.


How much does it cost?

Total Tech Support costs £10 a month and offers help for all tech and devices, including computers, cameras, printers and smartphones.

For those who just need PC or Mac support Computer Support costs £8 a month.

Both subscription services include a yearly PC health check worth £80.


How often can I use the service?

Once you subscribe you pay a monthly subscription and you can use the service as many times as you need too.


Does this affect my existing BT Broadband support?

If you are a BT Broadband customer you will continue to have standard access and support.

The Tech Expert service gives you access to an expert team that can help with BT and non BT-related products and services.


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