In today’s world more and more of our personal content is digital – we take and store photographs using our smartphones and we communicate via email and messages. This means phones, tablets and computers are becoming our personal digital archives.

Should something happen to these archives and we irretrievably lose them it would be devastating.

The simple way to avoid this heartache is to back up your device. In the past backing up documents and photos involved using hardware such as external hard drives and USB sticks which while sensible, is also time consuming. But thanks to the cloud, it’s easier than ever to back up documents.

BT Broadband customers can use BT Cloud, a free service that backs-up your digital valuables.

What is the cloud? 

The cloud is a type of computing where programs and information are stored on the internet, rather than on your phone, tablet or computer.

Instead, the data is sent via the internet to remote computers. You access it again at any time using a web browser or app.

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BT Cloud is BT’s cloud storage service and is totally free to BT customers.  BT Cloud is available on a wide range of devices including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 devices.

BT Broadband customers either get 5GB, 100GB or 500GB of storage depending on the broadband product.

Find out what your inclusive storage allowance is by logging in to BT Cloud >

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10 great things about the cloud

  1. Instant access: As long as you have access to the internet via 3G/4G or wi-fi, you can access files from anywhere in the world at any time.
  2. Multi-device support: Cloud services like BT Cloud work across different devices too, so you could create a document on your PC then access it on your phone and tablet via the BT Cloud app.
  3. Document backup: If you lose or damage your laptop, you could potentially lose thousands of digital photos, important files or your entire music collection. Saving all your important things means you’ll be able to restore them to a new PC or phone, and for extra peace of mind, switch on auto backup so that when you take new photos or videos they are automatically saved to your BT Cloud when you open the app.
  4. Get extra memory: If your smartphone memory is full and you want to keep downloading music tracks or taking photographs, free up space by uploading songs and photos to BT Cloud.
  5. Instantly share holiday snaps and videos: Send a link to your BT Cloud account to friends and family and they’ll be able to open in their browser and see what you’ve selected. Keep the folder updated and you won’t have to keep sending a link every time.
  6. Don’t worry about large file sizes: Large files – such as videos – are often too large to share. Upload them to the cloud and share a link to a file rather than emailing an attachment.
  7. Organise your documents and photos: Instead of searching for family photographs, Keep everything together and organised in your own personal online space with BT Cloud. The BT ‘collections’ feature lets you can group your files easily.
  8. Save files offline and access them any time: Save your favourite film to BT Cloud then select “available offline” when you’re connected to wi-fi, and you’ll be able to watch it anywhere without needing an internet connection.         
  9. View photos and videos on your TV: If you’ve got Google Chromecast you can use this to connect to Apple or Android devices with the Cloud app and view your photos and videos on the big screen.
  10. It cost nothing: BT Cloud is totally free to BT broadband customers and if using BT Cloud when connected to your BT broadband, anything you upload or download won’t count towards your broadband usage. Register for BT Cloud by logging into “My BT” at customers can use this method to check or upgrade their current storage allowance.

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Cloud privacy and security

Our datacentres are protected with industry-leading security, so without your password it’s impossible for anyone to get at your data. Hackers often use pieces of software that attempt to guess passwords. This is why it’s really important to choose a safe password. Check out our article: How safe is your password to find out more.

BT takes the issue of security and privacy extremely seriously and protects all data stored on BT Cloud and unlike some cloud storage providers, your data is stored and hosted within the UK. BT is the only major cloud provider to store all data in the UK, where it’s fully protected by British privacy laws.

Content stored on BT Cloud is private - except when you choose to share it with family and friends.

  1. BT won’t retain copyright over your photos and files
  2. BT won’t sell your information to advertisers.
  3. Your personal content won’t be used for marketing
  4. Your content won't profile for targeted ads.

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