Whether you’re already using the cloud or you want to get started, BT’s free service BT Cloud allows you to securely back up, access and share precious documents and manage all your music, videos, photos and private document.

BT Cloud is free to all broadband customers. BT recently increased the amount of storage available and you either get 50GB or 500GB of storage depending on your package.

You can create folders so you can pull together everything from all your devices into one place. You’ll also be able to share your photos, video and music on a big screen thanks to ChromeCast compatibility – a dongle that plugs into the back of the TV and connects to BT Cloud from iOS and Android devices.

Continuous music playback means after you save all your music to the Cloud, you can listen to it at any time then leave the app without the music stopping.

Let's take a closer look.

1. Plan your life events

BT Cloud plan life events

Organise those big events like your wedding day easily.


2.  Share individual files

BT Cloud share files

Send photos, music, movies and documents straight to email or post to Facebook and Twitter.

3. Share entire folders easily

BT Cloud share folders

No problem sending big files, the receiver just gets a link to see everything can download what they need.

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