Discover how BT Cloud can back up your photos easily and safely - for free

If you are a BT Broadband customer discover how easy it is to securely back up your photos.

If you are a BT Broadband customer backing up your data - photos, videos and documents - is incredibly easy.

As part of your BT Extras, all BT broadband customers get free, secure storage with BT Cloud, so in the unlikely event something happens, you haven't lost your precious memories. We are the only major UK broadband provider to offer Cloud storage, and it’s totally free when you take our broadband. This is just one of three ways you can fortify your home and stay safe online, along with BT Parental Controls and BT Virus Protect.

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What is the cloud?

‘The cloud’ is a term you’ve probably heard a lot, and is possibly something you’re already using it without realising it. Essentially the cloud a type of computing that uses the internet to connect your devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones to a network of powerful remote servers to store data and run applications.

BT Cloud and Facebook use it to store files such as photos, while others like Netflix and Spotify use it to run applications and services. 

BT Cloud is exclusively available for free to all our BT Broadband customers. Depending on your broadband package, you'll get 10GB, 200GB or 1000GB free. 

Why do I need BT Cloud?

1: It backs up your files securely

BT Cloud allows you to store your digital files remotely, instead of on your devices, freeing up storage space and adding an extra layer of security. As well as backing up photos and videos, it also backs up contacts, music, documents, text, media and call logs to secure cloud storage.

In the unfortunate event something happens to your tablet or smartphone, if you’ve backed up your files with BT Cloud, you haven’t lost them forever - they are safely stored in the cloud.

The BT Cloud desktop and mobile apps have an ‘Automatic backup’ feature you can activate that automatically back-up your photographs and videos, so you don’t have to remember.

If you are using a mobile phone, you can choose to back up your files using wi-fi instead of mobile data, so you don’t use your monthly data allowance.

2: It works across different types of device

BT Cloud can be used on a range of devices, including computers, laptops and mobile phones.

So instead of your photo collection (for example) being stored on your computer, tablet and smartphone, using BT Cloud means all files are stored together.

BT Cloud screenshot

You can upload a photograph to BT Cloud from your smartphone and edit it at home on your computer. All files are synced too, which means you’ll be able to view the latest version of the image no matter which device you are using.

3: You can access your files anywhere

What’s great about BT Cloud is that you can access it anywhere you’ve got an internet connection and a web browser.

This means your files are never far away - and you don’t have to worry about carrying a USB stick of photos or emailing important documents to yourself.

Just log into enter your BT ID and you’ll be able to access your documents wherever you are in the world.

Is BT Cloud safe?

BT Cloud uses encryption to ensure your data is secure and private.

You are the only person you can access your account, although if you’ve shared your BT ID that person will be able to log-in and view your files, so consider changing your password.

BT doesn’t profile your personal content to serve you adverts, use it for marketing purposes or sell it to third parties.

Unlike some cloud services, your data is stored and hosted in the UK and subject to British privacy laws.

Using BT Cloud to share photos is more private than using a social network and you can send a link to individual files and folders via email to family and friends, so your photos are only seen by the people who you want to see them. Read more about sharing files with BT Cloud.

BT broadband customers also get free security software with BT Virus Protect that protects against viruses and malware.

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How do I get BT Cloud?

To get started with BT Cloud you need to download it and activate it.

Windows and Mac users can download BT Cloud at

Smartphone and tablets owners can download the free apps available for Android,  Apple, and Windows phones and tablets.

Once you have downloaded the app, simply log in with your BT ID.

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