Platform: PS4

Genre: Adventure

Price: £14.99

Abzu is a grand descent into the depths of the sea, where PS4 owners can explore incredible ocean environments with fluid swimming controls.

From the creator of the beautiful Journey, this whole experience draws inspiration from the deep narrative that we carry within our subconscious, a universal myth that resonates across cultures - the ocean of wisdom.

Whether you buy into this spiritualistic premise or not, the audio and visual artistry will knock your socks off, as you venture deeper and deeper.

Watching huge schools of fish teeming around you, interacting with your every kick and direction change, is staggering to behold, while some of the more on-rails scenarios with large creatures like whales are equally mind-blowing.

The subtle narrative pointers - all delivered without dialogue - guide you on a mesmeric journey that will be lapped up like the treasures of Atlantis by exploration fans.

It's yet another exceptional example of gaming transcending into art, and the kind of title that we'll look back on as gloriously groundbreaking when it comes to experiential entertainment.

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