Platform: iPhone/iPad
Genre: Action
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Don't Grind is a tap-happy treat for smartphone gamers. With a voracious appetite for frantic action, it puts you in control of a banana of all things, with the sole goal of keeping it alive by strategically tapping around the screen to keep it airborne and avoid the myriad evil obstacles present on each level.

Huge buzz-saws, cheeky little horizontal and vertical lasers, rocket launchers and much, much more are all out to make your banana more of a milkshake than a solid fruit.

The game physics are fantastic, and there's a devilish depth to what, at first glance, seems like an astonishingly simple game.

Randomly appearing stars can also be collected to boost your score, gnawing away at that risk vs reward part of your brain that can lose the plot when playing this kind of high-score-hunting game.

It's all free, too, with a one-off payment required if you want to kill the ads. Brilliant banana nonsense.

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