Platform: iPhone/iPad

Genre: Puzzle

Price: £2.99

Set in a world of stunning cubic architecture, this is a beautiful puzzle game with some unique gaming concepts that will challenge the way you've seen the genre unfold before on the small screen.

Controlling and manipulating the masterfully designed architecture before you, you must help a fearless hero on a quest to free mysterious floating islands from possession by a dark force.

In doing so, you'll solve some seriously brain-bending puzzles and fight to deceive and defeat the monstrous enemy and its evil servants. Each level has been lovingly crafted to blend the novel game mechanics with the geometric architecture in front of you.

The small levels bely the thinking time required to complete them, and though the early stages will bed you in to the process gently, expect some tough times as you make gradual headway.

Such is the innovation that unfolds, though, you'll keep coming back for more, if only to lose yourself in a graphically gorgeous galaxy that demands to be showcased on a bigger stage to your smartphone!

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