'Where do you play with yours?' That was the slogan Nintendo used for the launch of one of the world’s most cherished handheld consoles.

Game Boy launched in the UK and the rest of Europe in September 1990 – almost a year after it had first been released in its native Japan.

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The advert centres on the fairly novel way that you could play games just about anywhere, and even squeeze it in your pocket – although it’d have to be a pretty large pocket given that that original Game Boy Classic weighed 220g and measured 148x80x32mm.

As the advert helpfully states, the Game Boy cost £69.99 with Tetris – which went on to become the handheld console’s bestselling game ever. Putting the price tag into context of today’s money, £69.99 is about £145. You can still find old Game Boy consoles for sale on eBay for around £30.

The Game Boy is actually the second best-selling handheld console of all time, eventually losing out to its mid-noughties successor, the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo discontinued the console in 2003 after selling a whopping 118.69 million units worldwide. But while Game Boy remains a memory of the early 90s, it could still make a comeback. Japanese media recently spotted that Nintendo recently filed a new trademark for the Game Boy. And what with revivals of the likes of the SNES, anything is possible…

What game consoles do you remember from your childhood? Any you’d like to see a comeback next? Share them with us in the Comments section below.

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