Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Action

Price: £36.99

Hitman is back in a big way, empowering you to perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in this bundle of exotic locations around the globe.

From Paris and the sunny coast of Italy to the dust and hustle of the markets in Marrakech, this is stealth action at its finest, as the gameplay lets you take out targets in vast sandbox levels with complete freedom of approach.

Where you go, when you attack and who you kill is at your discretion. And all of these downright despicable activities can be carried out in a gloriously constructed playground, where you're limited only by your imagination in devising weird and wonderful ways to plan, attack and execute.

Sizing up the space and appraising opportunities is almost as much fun as seeing them come off, and there's no shortage of content to contemplate either in this Complete First Season Steelbook Edition, with all the original episodic territories cram-packed onto one disc.

The cue-ball-bonced Agent 47 is back on serious form, and this is one gaming contract you simply can't turn down.

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