Platform: PS4

Genre: Adventure

Price: £18.99

Wow. LEGO meets Minecraft meets No Man's Sky. There's a cheeky combination to wrap your head round, before leaping into a fantastic world of discovery and creativity, courtesy of the brilliant brick brand.

Your spaceship's initial crash landing on a terrain exclusively fashioned from LEGO will lead you through the tool tutorial, where you'll learn how to discover, build, copy, customise and paint anything in each of the subsequent planets you travel to.

You're in search of those magical golden bricks that feature in every LEGO game, which this time help you unlock bigger, more varied planets to explore, as well as some handy gadgets to take your exploration exploits to dizzy new heights.

Yes, there's a degree of repetition to the tasks you'll undertake, but the variety of landscapes - from spooky monster land to candy-cane pink mountainous peaks - is such that the novelty doesn't wear off.

That's especially so if you're a collection completionist hell-bent on creating the ultimate LEGO environment - if you discover everything, you can build to your heart's content with the fruits of your labour. Brilliant stuff.

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