Nintendo Switch: How safe is it for your family?

If someone in your family got a Nintendo Switch this Christmas, find out how to activate parental controls and make it family-friendly.

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a bit hit since its launch thanks to its portability and the fact it’s being advertised as a particularly family-friendly device. If you’re unfamiliar with gaming, however, you may be more than a little concerned about the sort of content your kids might encounter.

This article should help reassure you, the Nintendo Switch has excellent built-in controls to help you monitor and restrict your children’s gaming activities – even when you’re not physically in the house. If you are concerned about e-safety issues facing children today visit Internet Matters, a not-for-profit organization supported by BT dedicated to keeping children safe online.

Game ratings

In Europe, Nintendo Switch titles (like all games) are subject to the PEGI age rating system. This system is designed to ensure that kids don't end up playing games that are unsuitable for their age group, and rates each game as one of the following: 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18 (with the number corresponding to the intended minimum age of the player).

The video content in certain games is also subject to BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) ratings: U, PG, 12, 15 and 18.

Both PEGI and BBFC ratings will be clearly displayed on a game’s packaging (or description, for games being purchased online via the Nintendo eShop).

As a parent, it’s ultimately your responsibility to monitor the content your children come into contact with. Fortunately, Nintendo has endowed the Switch with some pretty in-depth parental control options, which we’ll detail in the next section.

Parental controls

Nintendo takes parental controls very seriously, going so far as to create the ‘Nintendo Switch Parental Controls’ app. Available for free on Android and iOS devices, this allows parents to remotely adjust the settings of a linked Switch console in a number of ways:

Time Limits: You can set the Switch to notify your child that their gaming session is over after a certain amount of time – and if you don’t trust them to heed the on-screen warning, you can also set the system to automatically suspend gameplay when that limit is reached.

It’s possible to set a daily allotment of gaming time to your system for each day of the week, and/or to make gameplay impossible after a certain time of day.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app

Monitoring: You can also use the app to monitor the amount of time your child has spent using the Switch, and how much time they’ve spent playing individual games. This is a good way to keep an eye on the sort of titles your child is playing – and if you think they’re playing games that they shouldn’t be…

Restrictions: If they are, you can restrict their ability to access those games. You can set blanket restrictions based on games’ age ratings, or if you prefer a higher degree of control, you can restrict titles on a game-by-game basis.

Don’t like the idea of your child interacting with other people online? The app also allows you to set up restrictions on social media posting, online play and online communication with other players.

Nintendo Switch restrictions

Keep in mind that parental controls apply to your Nintendo Switch system and not individual players’ accounts, so if you have several children it’s not currently possible to set different time limits for each of them – just one overall limit. Should you want to bypass or change the control settings, just key in your four-digit PIN for full access.

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Console parental controls: Also note that, even if you don’t use the mobile app, the Switch console itself has some parental controls including: the ability to restrict games, and to block social media posting and online communication. You can also restrict the ability of your child to purchase content from Nintendo’s online eShop using your Nintendo Account profile settings. Find out more about setting up the Nintendo Switch parental controls.

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