Platform: iPhone/iPad

Genre: Platform/Puzzle

Price: £2.99

Splitter Critters is not about taking control of a bunch of cutesy creatures and getting them from A to B.

OK, the A to B bit is true, but it's actually the terrain these little terrors tread that you'll need to be the master of, as you draw lines on screen to literally cut up a level before your eyes and slide the ground up or down to the critters to help them reach their spaceship.

It's a novel game mechanic that provides some serious puzzle teasers to solve, particularly as new kinds of critter are added with different behaviour sets, from jumping to fighting to simply running around like headless chickens.

Although the slicing and dicing is sometimes let down by the sensitivity of the controls, it never feels like you'll lose your mind with frustration as there's thankfully an undo button to take advantage of.

The animated-style presentation is smart and slick and, with lots of challenges to unlock as you progress, Splitter Critters is well worth a few hours of your time.

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