Platform: Xbox One

Genre: Shooter

Price: £42.99

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a stunning military shooter, set in a massive and responsive open-world that you can launch yourself into all alone or with up to three pals.

You'll uncover the dark underbelly of Bolivia, set a few years from now, which is a country transformed by the vicious Santa Blanca drug cartel into a narco-state.

Sent behind enemy lines, your mission is to neutralise the cartel's operation, breaking alliances between the drug lords and the corrupt government, and saving the population from the cruelty of El Sueno, Santa Blanca's ruthless leader.

Perhaps most excitingly, how you choose to do this is completely up to you and your team-mates - steam in all guns blazing or go stealthy if you like. And don't forget to tackle the cracking side-missions that build up a bank of intel that will aid your understanding of - and actions upon - the bigger picture.

It's a pretty grand departure from the Ghost Recon staple set-up, but as expansive shooters go, it'll be one of the best you've played for some time. Tom Clancy's still got a few tricks up his sleeve.

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