Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: Sports
Price: from £1.49

You could argue the iPhone is bordering on a size that would give your hand the perfect desktop skateboard dimensions if you were to stick four wheels to the base.

True Skate can also feel your fingers' desire to be totally in control on the deck. Gone are the animated characters who crash and burn every time you muck up the skating trick sequence, replaced by just you and your digits, pushing and swiping your way to skating glory.

As you might expect, the incredibly accurate game physics in this gorgeously conceived skatepark equate to a tricky learning curve that will have you wrestling with the controls from the outset to establish your skating style and basic trick repertoire.

After that, however, True Skate becomes the smoothest, most rewarding skating game mechanic we've seen in quite a time. Some missions are a little haphazard, but the freedom the game gives you to hone your ollies, kick-flips and other cool tricks, should be respected and applauded, and skateboarding fans should flock to this in droves.

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