Platform: iPhone/iPad

Genre: Action/Puzzle

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Big, burly oiled bodies slamming onto a wrestling canvas coupled with the old favourite match-three puzzle mechanic is possibly the weirdest gaming combo of the year so far.

After choosing your WWE star from a healthy roster, you'll actually spend most of your time combining coloured gems to get your wrestler to perform the moves you want against his opponent.

After the two-minute bout is complete, you'll exit to an onslaught of upgrade, daily challenge and purchase options, as is typical of the freemium genre. And, while that may become a little tedious after a while, the overall presentation of the wrestling side of things is pretty solid, alongside the familiar puzzle set-up of Candy Crush-style titles.

In fact, for a free app, it looks sweet, but it's the relatively repetitive gameplay that will grind you down in the end, probably before you even think about dipping into your own pocket to purchase some extra wrestling power. One for hardcore WWE fans only, we think.

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