Britons of a certain age (predominately blokes in their 40s or 50s) will go misty-eyed if you mention the Sinclair Spectrum – or “Speccy”.

In the early ‘80s, the quirky, affordable home computer was responsible for keeping a huge number of us locked in our bedrooms, not only playing games but learning how to code.

Recently it’s been back in the news thanks to a group named Retro Computers which is producing a brand new version with built-in games named the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega.

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But what would kids of today make of the original rubber-keyed computer, its crazy-long loading times and the primitive graphics?

You can see for yourself in the video above, the latest in our series in which we test popular gadgets from ‘80s Britain on a group of five to 12-year-olds.

We asked them to test one of our favourites from the era - the million-selling classic Daley Thompson's Decathlon. Of course, they’d never heard of the game - or even the athlete. Feeling old, yet?

Did you have a Sinclair Spectrum? What are your favourite memories of it? Let us know in the Comments below.