Looking for a cheap read? Amazon Kindle Daily Deals explained

Use an Amazon Kindle? Then you should know about the bargain e-book deals offered by the company every day of the year.

If you're a user of one of Amazon's Kindle e-readers, you should know about the marketplace giant's special Daily Deal offer.

Started in 2011, the programme mirrored a similar offer on Amazon's Android app store. It began with just one e-book a day being offered at a specially-discounted price; now there are as many as four new discounted e-books a day, usually priced at 99p each.

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The content offered is aimed at both adults and young readers (though titles for the young are not always part of the deal). Deals go live at midnight and end at 23.59pm the same day, and you have to complete your purchase of a book offered in the deal during that time. Amazon warn that deal prices may in some cases appear a few hours before the deal goes live.

The simplest way to access the Amazon Kindle Daily Deals is to make a daily check of the dedicated page on the Amazon website. Here you'll find not only today's discounted titles, but also featured books and links to other deal sections.

It's also possible to subscribe to Amazon's Daily Deal newsletter, which is sent out once a day and highlights the titles that are about to be discounted.

Reports from authors say that their book being offered as part of the Daily Deal boosts sales significantly, to a point where it is comfortably worth their while to be part of the scheme.

On the downside, you shouldn't expect any new or recent bestsellers to make the Daily Deals list, though established authors are often featured. Also, plenty of the books offered come from Amazon's own publishing imprints.

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There's no question, though, that if you are voracious e-book reader who is happy to try something new and likes a bargain, the Amazon Kindle Daily Deal is worth keeping an eye on.

Amazon also offer Monthly Deals on e-books for Kindle. These are offered from the first day to the last of each month – so have the added benefit of not needing to be monitored every day.

The number of featured books ranges from under 100 to over 1,000. When there are 500 books or more, the section gets its own bestseller list, allowing you to see the most popular books offered in the deal at a glance. The Monthly Deal range usually also benefits from having a greater number of popular authors' books featured.

There are, of course, other bookseller sites that offer time-limited deals on e-books. Try Kind of Book (kindofbook.com), Book Hippo (bookhippo.co.uk) and Rakuten Kobo (kobo.com), all of which offer deals similar to those provided by Amazon. 

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