Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a tablet of many talents, and that includes sending and receiving emails.

Social media services such as Facebook and Twitter might have usurped email as the quick and easy way to send messages to friends, family and colleagues – but plenty of us still regularly synchronise our email inboxes across PCs, smartphones and tablets.

So whether you’re a daily email addict or simply want to know how to stay in touch with your online compadres by sending the odd digital missive, read on as we explain how to set up your Kindle Fire to send and receive email messages.

Step 1: Launch the email app

Kindle Fire email 1

From your Kindle Fire’s Home screen, tap the Email app icon – the open envelope with a letter protruding.

If you can’t see this icon on the Home screen, tap Apps at the top.

If you want to add the E-mail icon to the Home screen, tap and hold it until the pop-up menu appears and then tap Add to Home.

Step 2: Add your email account details

Kindle Fire email 2

When you first launch the email app it will ask you for an email address – so enter yours and tap Next.

Note that if your email address has any special characters, such as an underscore, then you’ll find these by tapping the ?123 button on the Kindle Fire’s on-screen keyboard.

The password box will appear automatically – so tap in your password and tap Next.

If you have more accounts to add, tap Add Another Account. Otherwise, tap Go to Inbox.

Step 3: Compose a message

Kindle Fire email 3Now it’s time to check that everything is working by sending a test email. Tap the Compose button (it appears differently depending on your email client – we’re using Gmail). Then compose an email as you normally would – type a destination email address into the To field, a fitting title in the Subject field and then tap in the email body area below to write the message.

When you’re done, tap the Send button. The Kindle Fire will return to the inbox view, a Sending Message alert will appear and, if all goes well, the message will be sent.

Step 4: Open and reply to messages

Kindle Fire email 4

To open a received email, simply tap its entry in the inbox. If it is a long email, then scroll up by sliding your finger upwards from the lower part of the screen.

To reply to a message, tap the Reply button (or Reply All if there’s more than one recipient in the To field and you’d like everyone to see your response).

To delete a message once you’ve read it, just tap the Delete button.

Step 5: Explore the settings

Kindle Fire email 5

The Kindle Fire’s email app has plenty of options to explore, including the ability to set how often emails are synchronised, how many are synchronised and how they appear – so you can make the text bigger if you find it difficult to read.

From the inbox screen, tap the Menu button at the top left – it’s a square with three horizontal lines – then tap Settings.

To change the synchronisation settings, tap Email Settings > Default Message Text Size. Then pick a size.

You can also choose whether to show embedded images, automatically download attachments over Wi-Fi, include the original message in replies, and so on.

Now you’re all set to enjoy email on your Kindle Fire.