Children love technology, so even if you’ve bought a Kindle Fire for yourself, curiosity will compel them to pick it up soon enough so you’ll want to apply some kind of protection to ensure your kids and your tablet stay safe.

If you’ve bought a Kindle Fire for them, then you’ll likely want to add even more cotton wool – because who knows what they might try to get up to when you’re not looking?

Fortunately Amazon’s popular tablet has a good range of parental controls to help keep youngsters well away from whatever it is you’d like to shepherd them – and in this guide we’ll explain in simple language preciously how to find and use them.

Step 1: Set up a master password

Kindle Fire kid-friendly 1

From the Kindle Fire’s Home screen tap the Settings icon (if you can’t see this, swipe down from the top of screen and tap it there).

Now tap Parental Controls and move the Parental Controls switch to the On position – when it’s on the right side, it’s on.

Type in a password, type it again to confirm it, and hit Finish.

Now you’re ready to make your device safe for kids.

Step 2: Block browsing, communications and social sharing

Kindle Fire kid-friendly 2

The main ways of locking down the device are: blocking the web browser, email, contacts and calendar apps, and stopping the user sharing things on social media.

With Parental Controls enabled, these are all blocked, so you can’t use them without entering the password.

To tweak these settings, tap on a category. Some, like Social Sharing, let you unblock with one touch. While others, like Amazon Content and Apps, present you with a more granular menu, containing the ability to block/unblock Newstand, Books, Amazon Video, Docs, Photos, the Camera and more.

You can undo your choices at any time by returning to this menu.

Step 3: Protect purchases and playback

Kindle Fire kid-friendly 3

Password Protect Purchases is on by default when you enable Parental Controls. This means you’ll have to enter the password to buy or download content from the Amazon Stores or Shop Amazon app.

Step 4: Prevent all online access and location services

Kindle Fire kid-friendly 4

Go to Password Protection and you can dictate that the password is required for Video and Twitch Playback, Wi-Fi and Location Services. Just toggle the relevant option by tapping it.

Without Wi-Fi, the Fire can’t connect to the internet, so by selecting this option you’re effectively locking the device down to playing only music, movies and games already stored on it.

Step 5: Try Fire for Kids

Kindle Fire kid-friendly 5

Fire for Kids lets you create profiles for your children, customise each child’s access to certain content and set time limits and educational goals for each.

Tap the app icon, enter your password, and then you can either buy Amazon Fire For Kids Unlimited (which gives you thousands of kids’ titles for £3.99 a month with the first month free), or just Use Fire For Kids With Your Own Content.

You can give each child a profile photo, name, and set their gender and birth date.

Once you’re set up, just tap the child’s profile picture to get started. Hey presto – they can’t access any unsuitable content without entering the password.