For all the advantages of digital cameras, it’s a shame we don’t print our photos anymore.  

The good news is there are plenty of services that can help, and many of them are cheaper than you might think.

We’ve looked at nine of the most popular to see what they offer and how the prices compare if you want to print 6.4-inch photographs.


Tesco Photo

Tesco Photo website


Tesco can send your prints to your local store (providing it’s got a Max Photo Centre) for free. So as long as you’re nipping out for your shopping, you can save on delivery costs.

It’s cheap, with postcard-sized prints starting at 5p each, though you have to order 500 or more. If you want fewer than 50, they’re 15p each. Postage costs just £2.25.

There are always offers on, like half price canvas prints, so be sure to check back regularly.

Free prints: No

Price per print 6x4: 15p (1-49), 5p (500+)

Postage: From £2.25 or free store delivery

App: No – but Tesco are planning to launch a new Photo app soon.



Photobox website


Photobox offers 30 free prints when you sign up, which is a nice incentive. Its prints are among the cheapest each at 5p but you have to order a large bulk to get that price (1500+ prints to be precise!). If you want fewer than 199, they’re 12p each.

There’s a range of high-quality gifts for you to print on, like calendars, mugs, iPhone cases, and more. Free storage and sharing is included and you can archive them to DVD. It’s a doddle to upload your photos, and delivery starts at £2.99.

Free prints: 30

Price per print 6x4: 12p (1-199), 5p (1500+)

Postage: From £2.99

App: Apple and Android



Snapfish website


Snapfish prints cost 7p each if you order more than 400, or 11p each if fewer than 30, but this site also offers 50 free a month if you sign-up from their mobile app. You also get 20 free prints the first time you sign-up as well.

It has the usual range of gifts too, like mugs, calendars and cushions which your snaps can adorn, and it lets you personalise your photos for no extra fee, which is a godsend if the dreaded red-eye has struck.

Postage and packing costs £1.99, or it’s free if you order more than 400 prints. You also get unlimited free storage, so you can back up all your photos online.

Free prints 6x4: 20, 100

Price per print: 11p (1-29), 10p (30-59), 9p (60-249), 8p (250-339) 7p (400+)

Postage: From £1.99

App: Apple and Android



PhotoPanda/Bonusprint website


This website works in conjunction with PhotoPanda to offer prints from as little as 6p each (for orders in excess of 500) it’s 50p for one print – which is the most expensive here – 25p for two to nine, 14p for between 10 and 50, and so on). Its photo books, though, are some of the most affordable around, starting at just £7.99 for a softcover one. Confused about how to make a photo book? Just follow our step-by-step guide and all will become clear. Delivery is mid-range, starting at £2.49, but there’s no app or online storage.

Free prints: N/A

Price per print: 50p per print, 25p (2-9), 14p (10-49), 6p (500+)

Postage: From £2.49

App: No


Jessops Photo

Jessops Photo screenshot


Jessops is another cheap option when buying in bulk, with prints starting at 6p each if you order 500 or more. Less than 99 will set you back 15p each.

You can save on postage by having your snaps delivered to your local Jessops, too, otherwise it’s £2.25.

Sign up and you’ll get 50 free prints and £10 off your first photo book (which start at £19.99) if you register via Jessop’s Offers page. Its photo books were rated the best in the UK by The Gadget Show, which is high praise.

Use the free app, and you can compile and order your photo book from your mobile or tablet, too, which is very convenient. It can even put it together for you, if you’re rushed for time.

Free prints: 50

Price per print: 15p (1-99), 6p (500+)

Postage: From £2.75 or free store delivery

App: Apple and Android





This is the second priciest, after Bonusprint. One postcard-size print set us back 36p, though the price goes down the more you order dropping to 18p for 100+.Then postage and packing starts at £2.95.

It does have more than 60 years’ experience, though, and seeing as it also specialises in exhibition stands and banner stands, as well as wedding books, the quality is high. There’s no online storage or app, but you can print straight from your iPad using the browser – just follow the handy guide.

Free prints: N/A

Price per print: 36p (1-5), 31p (6-19), 27p (20-50), 22p (51-99), 19p (100+)

Postage: From £2.95

App: No



Lidl Photos


Lidl is not only cheapest for your food shopping, but also for prints. 6x4 prints cost just 5p, whether you order 1 or several 100. It also has the lowest priced shipping cost, starting from £1.33.

The site doesn’t have an app for you to order from, but you can get a range of other printed products such as photo books and wall art at competitive prices.

Free prints: N/A

Price per print: 5p

Postage: From £1.33

App: No



Aldi Photo Service


Another low priced offering for the UK’s second discount supermarket Aldi, which comes in just a tad more expensive than Lidl purely because of a slightly higher delivery fee.

Like Lidl, prints cost 5p each regardless of how many you order, while delivery starts from £1.99.

There’s a range of alternative printing items to choose from as well, including canvases and personalised cards starting from just £1.49.

Free prints: N/A

Price per print: 5p

Postage: From £1.99

App: No


Asda Photo


Asda Photo

Asda’s printing service is pretty much in line with others, charging 5p per print if you order 200 or more. For 1-99 prints it’ll cost 15p each and for 100-199 it’ll set you back 10p each. Delivery starts from £1.50 if you order 99 or less, while more than 200 will cost £2.50, but you can always get them delivered to any Asda store with printing facilities for free.

Asda also has a huge range of different printing options, including a Photo Legacy which allows you to save old photos and videos by transferring them onto CD or DVD.

Free prints: N/A

Price per print: From 5p

Postage: From £1.50

App: No

How do you print your photographs? Let us know in the Comments below.