How do you recycle your technology? We tell you how to get rid of PCs, phones and other gadgets

It's World Environment Day on June 5th, follow our easy steps to make sure your technology doesn't end up in landfill.

With all the excitement of getting your latest gadget out of the box, it's easy to forget what to do with the tired old technology it's replacing.

With plenty of precious materials inside them, your old mobiles, laptops and batteries can be repurposed and recycled and can occasionally earn you a financial reward. Just make sure all your personal data has been wiped from your electronic devices before you recycle them. 

How to recycle mobile phones

Inside your smartphone is a host of materials that can be reused, such as metals, plastics and silver. One of the easiest ways to ensure your phone lives on is to pass it on to a charity shop, which can make money by selling them on to mobile phone recycling companies.

Often you can return the mobile phone to the shop you bought it from and make money by selling it back to the supplier. For instance, EE Recycle & Reward allows you to send it your phones from any network to a freepost address. Enter your device and details on the condition of the phone and you'll receive a quote based on that.

How to recycle your BT Hub

Upgraded your BT Hub? Send it back to us and we’ll recycle some of the components. There are two options, either via the Post Office with a pre-paid label or by calling into an EE store.

You can use the above two options to recycle any BT TV boxes you don’t need, along with Parcelforce Worldwide collection. 

BT Smart Hub 2 in a living room

How to recycle batteries

You can usually return your old batteries to the place you bought them. If a store sells more than 32kg of batteries annually (roughly 345 four-packs of AA batteries), that shop must provide battery recycling collections in store. This includes large stores of Sainsbury’s and Asda.

All household batteries can be recycled, including watch batteries. Remember that when handing back laptop and mobile batteries, electrical tape must be put over the terminals.

Battery recycle

How to recycle computers, laptops and tablets

To find your nearest recycling centre for computers and laptops, you can enter your postcode at and select 'Computers' in the 'Choose an item to recycle' box. It will then show you where your nearest recycling point for larger personal electronics is.

Recycle more screenshot

PC World and Currys also take any electrical product off your hands and recycle it for free, even if you haven’t bought it from the shop.  

If you want to give away an old Dell computer, the company offers you the chance to recycle your purchases.

For Apple products, the company offers a service to recycle iPads, iPhones, smartphones, Mac Desktops, Mac notebooks or PCs..  

How to recycle printer cartridges

All the major printer manufacturers such as  HPEpson and Canon  let you return cartridges to the company.

One way to recycle your printer cartridges and give to charity in the process is to use the website Recycling Factory, which donates the value of your cartridge to a charity partner such as the British Heart Foundation, RSPCA and RNIB. Print off the label, package up your old cartridges and send them freepost.

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