Cyber crime is a growing threat, but one you cannot easily see. The growth of online threats has trebled in the last two years. In the time it takes you to watch the video above, 915 new online threats will have been discovered.* It’s a danger you can’t afford to ignore.

On a personal level, most cyber crime sees criminals attempt to steal information about you in order to access your private data or personal accounts. Cyber criminals don’t always use sophisticated techniques – in fact, some hacking can be relatively easy to execute, and the internet allows hackers to act remotely, quickly and anonymously.  

It’s easy to think that cyber crime is something that happens to other people, but anyone can fall victim to hacking. BT is working with the government to encourage people to be Cyber Aware - check out the video above to find out more.

For additional advice on staying secure online, visit Cyber Aware.

*McAfee Labs Threats Report