What happens if your email password is compromised? Follow our tips to stay secure online

If your email is hacked it could have serious repercussions. Watch our video for advice from Cyber Aware and BT Security on choosing a strong and separate password.

How often do you check your email: every day, every hour or every few minutes? What do you use it for - shopping, social networking, holiday planning, school or work?

Cyber crime is the hidden crime you don’t always see. Your email account can be a gateway for hackers to access your personal data, leaving you at risk of identity theft, financial loss and much, much more.

If you don’t follow password advice you aren’t alone - a staggering six out of 10 people don’t follow the latest guidance. But a strong password is your first defence against cyber criminals.

BT is working with the government to encourage people to be Cyber Aware and stay secure online. We went out on the streets to ask people what they use their email for and why it’s so important to have a strong and separate password for your email.

Visit Cyber Aware for more advice on staying secure online.

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