When you sign up to BT, you get a lot more than broadband or phone calls.

BT customers can get a range of extra features to help you get more from your service. This includes free wi-fi at over 5 million UK hotspots with BT Wi-fi, free web security and antivirus software with BT Virus Protect, BT Web Protect and BT Parental Controls to help keep your children safe online.

To help you find out more about these features, check out the BT Extras section, packed with guides to help you make the most of BT’s Extras.

BT Call Protect

BT is declaring war on nuisance calls with a free service for landline customers. BT Call Protect prevents nuisance calls coming through to you by sending them straight to your junk voicemail. You can also send unwanted calls to your junk voicemail by dialling 1572.

Existing customers need to activate BT Call Protect, which is incredibly easy to do at bt.com/callprotect.

BT Cloud

Store your documents, photos, videos and music safely in the cloud, with BT Cloud. BT Broadband customers get free cloud storage with BT Cloud, either 50GB or 500GB depending on your package.

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BT Wi-fi 

BT Broadband and BT Mobile customers get free access to over 5 million UK hotspots, so you can get online in cafes, restaurants, shops and motorway service stations. Get online with a smartphone and tablet using the BT Wi-fi app.

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BT Web Protect

BT Web Protect is a free web security product for Broadband customers that warns you if you are visiting a harmful website, helping to protect your machine from viruses, scams and phishing attacks. You don’t need to download it, just turn it on to protect all devices connected to your home broadband. It even protects you when you log in to BT Wi-fi hotspots with your BT ID.

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BT Virus Protect

Included in all Broadband packages, BT Virus Protect protects your PC or Mac from online threats such as viruses and spyware. Depending on your Broadband package, you can install it on two or 15 machines.

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BT Parental Controls

Help ensure your family can browse safely online with BT Parental Controls. Use three pre-set filters to control what your family can see, block websites and choose times the content filter will be activated. BT Parental Controls work with any device connected to your BT Hub.

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My BT app

Download this to manage your BT account using your smartphone. Use the free app to pay your bill, view BT Broadband and BT Mobile usage and track orders.

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BT Extras