BT Web Protect is part of your BT Extras and completely free with BT broadband and helps protect you.

  • At home when you’re online – you’ll get a warning if you’re about to visit a potentially harmful website or click on an unsafe link
  • When you’re away from home – once you’ve got BT Web Protect turned on, it will automatically work when you sign into any UK BT Wi-fi hotspot using your BT ID
  • On all your devices – from PCs and laptops to tablets, iPads, mobiles and smartphones

When activated, BT Web Protect will protect you online across all your devices at home and when you’re connected to a UK BT Wi-fi hotspot. You don’t need to download any software or change any settings.

Switch on BT Web Protect today

BT Web Protect is really easy to switch on – you don’t need to download software or follow a long set-up process. Just click on the link below to log into your ‘My BT’ account and get BT Web Protect turned on.


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