A computer virus is a piece of bad software – or malware – designed to cause problems, such as accessing private information or taking over the machine you’re using.

Viruses are spread in multiple ways, including fake emails with attachments or file downloads. They work in a way similar to a virus in a person – so once a computer is infected, its performance will change and the virus needs to be removed.

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BT Web Protect is a product free to all BT Broadband users, designed to provide protection from fraudulent websites that spread viruses and phishing scams.

It doesn’t need to be installed, just activated. Click here to log into your ‘My BT’ account and get BTWeb  Protect turned on. It delivers protection for all your devices by warning you if you visit a website that could be harmful. It works over your home broadband connection, as well as over BT wi-fi connections when you use a BT ID.

The threat of viruses shouldn’t put you off going online – but there’s no harm in understanding what they are and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

So how much do you know about computer viruses? Take our quiz to find out – and learn some useful knowledge!

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