Struggling to remember passwords? Find out how BT's free True Key can help

Passwords are part of modern online life, and remembering them all can be an effort. But not with True Key – free to BT Broadband customers.

Whether it’s checking email, shopping online or banking, you’re probably asked to enter a password several times every day.  If you struggle to remember your passwords, you aren’t alone, because unless you’ve got an incredibly good memory, remembering every password for every online service you use can be tricky.

The easiest - and safest - way to remember all your passwords is to use a password manager, and if you are a BT Broadband customer you can use password manager True Key by Intel Security for free. Read on to find out more.

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What is True Key?

True Key is a password manager. It generates and securely stores strong passwords for the apps and websites you use, and then works in the background of your device to remember those passwords and log you in whenever you visit websites or launch apps. It also works across all your devices, on PCs, iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Android phones and tablets.

Think of True Key as a password vault, which only you can open. When you set up a True Key account you choose a single Master Password which you will need every time you want to access your passwords. It can also verify your identity using face and fingerprint recognition.

And because you only have to remember a single password, you should make this as secure as possible by following our 8 tips to keep your passwords strong but simple.

What do BT customers get?

All BT customers with BT Broadband get five licences for True Key, each worth £19.99. BT customers get the Premium version of True Key which allows up to 2000 passwords to be stored.

Why do I need a password manager?

Password managers are incredibly convenient because you only have to remember one password, which saves you time trying to recall it and means you don’t have to reset a password if you can’t remember it.

Keeping a list of passwords on your email or device isn’t safe, particularly if it gets lost or stolen, in contrast password managers are secure.

Why do I need strong passwords?

Weak passwords can be easily hacked by people with malicious intent to access your bank account and buy items online with your money, as well as impersonating you, sending emails in your name and accessing private information.

With True Key you can generate strong passwords and you don’t have to remember them.

Is True Key safe?

Yes, your information is encrypted using strong encryption. The only way the information can be accessed is with your Master Password or your facial and fingerprint recognition.

How much does True Key cost?

The basic version of True Key costs nothing, but will only store up to 15 passwords.

BT Broadband customers can upgrade to the ‘Premium version’ for free via My BT. Find out how to do this below.

What devices does True Key work on?

True Key works on Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS phones and tablets.

It syncs across all your devices, so you can access all passwords whether you are using a phone, tablet or mobile.

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How do I get True Key?

1: Smartphone download

Here you download the free version and then use the activation code from My BT to convert to Premium version, which is free for BT customers.

Android: Download it from Google Play

iOS: Download it from iTunes

You’ll then need to convert this to Premium True Key from BT by following these steps:

  1. Go to My BT and log in using your BTID and password
  2. Go to the True Key tab and click Download
  3. You’ll be taken to the My Account portal, where you’ll see an activation code, make a note of this. If you were sent a Key Card, they’ll be an activation code on there.
  4. Open your True Key app in one of your devices
  5. Go to Settings – True Key profile, which should be set to Free.
  6. Under Subscription click Free
  7. Enter the Activation code and click ‘Activate Premium’
  8. The True Key profile should show Premium.

True Key app activate

2: Via My BT: Smartphone and tablet

Go to and login with your BT ID.

Look for the tab that says ‘True Key’ and click Download

True Key My Account screen

The next screen is the ‘My Account’ portal, where you need to click Download. You’ll be taken to the Google Play or iTunes store, where you can install the app

3: Via My BT:  PC or Mac

Go to and login with your BT ID.

Look for the tab that says ‘True Key’ and click Download

Follow the instructions to download the software and then install it.

4: Via a link to a Key Card

You may have received a link to download Key Card directly. Follow the instructions on screen.

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