What is Google I/O?

All there is to know about Google’s upcoming conference.

Spring and early summer are when the big tech companies hold their annual conferences. Google’s is called Google I/O, and it’s a developer’s dream ticket.

Because Google makes so many different kinds of products, I/O is one of the biggest events in the tech calendar. But you don’t need to be a developer to get excited – here we’ll explain everything you need to know about it.

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What is Google I/O?

Google I/O Google’s annual developer conference. Over a few days, techy types from all over the world descend on I/O to hold talks, attend conferences and show off new products and software. It’s also a chance for Google to update everyone on what’s new, how it’s doing, and answer any questions that developers might have.

What is the point of it?

It’s a chance for developers to network, learn more about the tools they use to make their software and apps, and to discover Google’s new technology that they’ll be using in the future. On the whole, it should lead to more innovative software and apps across Google’s whole suite of products, which can only be a good thing for us punters.

For Google, meanwhile, it’s an opportunity to blow its own trumpet and position itself as a forward-thinking company.

When is Google I/O 2018?

This year it takes place from May 8-10.

Where is Google I/O held?

At the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

What will be announced?

Google hasn’t said, but it has revealed the key themes for this year’s shindig. One will be platforms – it promises to show developers how to utilise platforms that connect them to billions of users all around the world. They’ll also learn how to acquire and engage new users, take their mobile apps to the next level by applying infrastructure and services, and to expand onto new screens beyond mobile (for example onto wearable devices).

Who will be speaking?

Google big hitters include CEO Sundar Pichai, and vice president for the developer product group, Jason Titus.

Can I watch it live?

Indeed. Google will livestream the main sessions, so you can watch them live on your computer or device. The best way to keep up to date is by following the Google Developers on Twitter or Facebook, Google+ or by checking its blog.

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