Can I delay the Windows 10 April 2018 Update?

Not ready for the next big update of Windows 10? You may be able to hold it off.

Love it or hate it, the next big update to Windows 10 is coming to a PC near you.

The Spring Creators Update is officially landing on Monday, April 30. Businesses have the advantage of being able to defer updates, but home users aren’t so lucky. Read on below to find out about a possible workaround.

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How do I stop the Windows 10 update?

There is sadly no officially way to stop the April 2018 Update from landing on your PC if you’re using the standard Windows 10 Home edition.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10, it said system updates via Windows Update will be made compulsory in a bid to keep everyone’s machines in top shape – and more importantly, make sure your machine is in top shape against any viruses being spread around.

However, not everyone is keen on their computer being updated without their choice, regardless of it existing for good. But there may be a way to at least delay the update.

Windows 10 has a metered connection option for those connecting to the internet with limited data – such as using your smartphone as a hotspot. In a bid to prevent you from sucking up all your smartphone’s data on your computer, the metered connection reduces the amount of data demanded by your machine. In essence, only essential security patches will be allowed through as a matter of urgency.

People have used it in the past to delay big updates to Windows 10 but it’s not 100% guaranteed – at some point the Spring Creators update will make its way through, which is why this technique is only recommended to merely delay rather that complete prevent the Spring Creators update.

How do I delay the April 2018 Update?

To delay the April 2018 Update on Windows 10, you can try switching on the metered connection.

To do this, go to Settings.

Metered Connection

From there, open Network & Internet, followed by Wi-Fi along the left side menu.

Select Manage known networks, and click on the name of the network you use, followed by the Properties button.

Finally, toggle the metered connection switch to On.

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