Things are about to get a lot more 3D on Windows 10, as Microsoft prepares its latest spruce up of the operating system.

Among the changes and additions is a brand new app, Paint 3D, which will be included with the free Windows 10 Creators Update, which began rolling out on April 11th. Alternatively you can download it from Microsoft.

Getting started with Paint 3D

When you first open Paint 3D, you’ll notice it’s more advanced than the original Paint app (which will still be around by the way) but is still pretty simple.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

Along the top you have a choice of Tools, 3D objects, Stickers, Text, Canvas and Effects. Every time you select one of these six, a full choice of options appears to the right.

Drawing is as straight forward as you’d expect. Select a brush type and draw away. Of course, you’re more likely to get better results if you’re using a stylus on a touchscreen.

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Finding your way around Paint 3D

Now, the 3D comes in. Click on the Select icon to the right and select the area you wish to turn 3D. Then click Make 3D from the side panel.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

Options to rotate in all directions will then appear – simply click, hold and move in the direction you want.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

Clicking on 3D objects along the top and you’ll get a number of 3D models, objects and a doodle option.

Select one from the side panel and drag to the size you like. Once you’re happy with it, you can select it as before and rotate as you like.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

If you go back to Tools and select a brush, drawing on the object will stick to it, so they’ll rotate together.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

Similarly, you can add 3D text which can also be rotated to give a 3D effect.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

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Saving your Paint 3D project

Windows 10 has a new 3D viewer, which allows you to rotate the objects you’ve created. The format is known as FBX (.fbx).

To save, open the menu from the top left, click Save as and Export.

Windows 10 Paint 3D

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