We’ve heard all about the big changes and additions coming to Windows 10 this month – 3D paint and tabs on Microsoft Edge to name just two.

But Microsoft has also been hard at work refining some of the smaller parts of its Creators Update, which make just as big an impact, if not more.

Here are some of the hidden changes you should know about when the update lands on your machine soon. Watch the video below to get a taster.

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Free up wasted space with Storage Sense

Storage Sense

Storage Sense is a brand new feature to Windows 10 which is incredibly useful for saving precious disk space.

Your PC is often clogged up with unnecessarily temporary files, but with storage sense switched on it’ll clear them automatically as well as anything left in your recycling bin.

To switch storage sense on, go to Settings > System > Storage and turn the slider under the ‘storage sense’ header to On.


Drawing on Maps to work out the distance

It’s all well and good typing out locations to figure out the distance but Microsoft has devised a much easier way.

In its Maps app – which you can find by searching ‘Maps’ in Cortana – there is a new pen option. If you have a touch screen it’s incredibly easy to use, but works well enough with a mouse too.

Simply choose the pen icon from the top right, select the hand and then rules with a line across it as shown below.


Then draw the route you’ll be taking and wait for the distance to appear.

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Refresh your PC when it’s not working as it should be with Fresh Start

Windows 10 has a brand new Windows Defender Security Centre with the Creators Update, but there’s a useful feature you might not notice hidden among it.

Fresh Start allows you to “start afresh with a clean and up-to-date installation of Windows” as the description says. It will reinstall and update Windows for you, keeping personal files where they are – although you should always be doing backups anyway. Some Windows settings will be kept the same too, as well as apps that came pre-installed.

However, be warned, the description does say that apps you installed yourself will be removed, so Fresh Start really is a last resort if your PC is really playing up.

To do it, search ‘Windows Defender Security Centre’ in Cortana, click on the heart icon along the left and scroll down to Additional info at the bottom.

Fresh Start

Then select Get started, and follow the on screen instructions.


Put off Windows Update

Windows Update is there to keep your PC working as it should but they don’t always land at a convenient time.

When Windows 10 first came out we were told we’d no longer be able to delay updates to keep our machines safe. Microsoft is now softening this stance, allowing users to hold off the update for up to 35 days.

Windows Update

Read more about Windows Update pausing here.


Folders on Start Menu

If you’ve been using the Start Menu to keep all your most frequently used apps in one place, it might be getting a bit messy.

Well, the Start Menu now supports folders so you can group your apps up. Simply drag an app onto another and it will create a folder.

Start Menu


Windows Themes

Themes were a bit limited when Windows 10 first launched – but not any more. Now you can download even more from the Windows Store for free.

Go to Settings > Personalisation > Themes > Get more themes in the Store.

Windows Themes

Windows 10 Creator’s Update: everything you need to know