Just about everyone has a smartphone with a camera now, and so it’s no surprise that our cloud storage, computers and other devices are clogged with photos and videos of life’s great moments.

It’s all good fun but it’s a hard, laborious task to keep them organised and tidy – most of us are used to unhelpful titles such as ‘IMG_20170919_200358’ but thankfully the revamped Photos app is here and it's going to help you find just about any image.

The revised app will come to your PC automatically with the free Fall Creators Update. So what exactly does it do and how will it help? Read on to find out…

Don't forget to check out all the biggest new features from the Fall Creators Update in our video below:


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Identify people’s faces

The Photos app automatically picks up the faces in your photos and stores them in a directory using artificial intelligence. This feature lets you find any photo featuring a specific person without having to scroll through endless files.

You can then add their names next to their profile shot, so that your photos are kept completely organised.

Easily create video stories

Story Remix

You no longer need to be a technical whizz to make a home video of your clips and photos. The new Story feature will stitch together desired photo albums in an instant, adding transitions and music.

If you don’t like the style it has chosen, simply click Remix and it’ll shift everything round with a different tone and music for you. Keep using Remix until you get a style of video that suits you.

Best of all, you can pick out a ‘star’ of your video – so, if you want the video to focus on your baby son more than yourself and your partner, set them as the star and Remix will automatically zoom in and focus on them more than everyone else.

Add 3D objects to your videos

Story Remix

3D is a big focus for the Fall Creators Update generally and Photos is no exception as you can now add 3D objects onto your videos.

If you’re feeling creative, make your own in the Paint 3D app already on your Windows 10 computer, or you can download one from the Remix 3D community.

Once downloaded, simply drag it onto the screen and give your videos a whole new perspective.

Easily share pictures

Story Remix

Once you’ve made a video, you can simply share it with one of your contacts. The same applies with standard photos too of course.

All you have to do is select the Share button at the top of the application and select the contacts you wish to share your project with.

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