There are so many ways you can enjoy streaming service Netflix these days – and with the likes of House of Cards, Better Call Saul and Jessica Jones to watch, you’d be mad not to.

You can already watch through BT TV with a bolt-on package and from a mobile or tablet with the official Netflix app. But now you can watch on the go for those times when you’re without data, such as on the Underground or while flying. Netflix now lets users download some shows and movies offline which is perfect for these situations - and you can even do it through the Netflix app available on Windows 10. Here’s how:

1. Download the Netflix app from the Windows Store

To start, you’ll need the Netflix app on your machine. To do this, open the Start Menu and type ‘Store’, then select it.

Netflix on Windows 10

In Store, search ‘Netflix’ and select the Netflix logo from the list.

Netflix on Windows 10

Click the blue Install button. Wait for the download and installation process to complete.

Netflix on Windows 10


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2. Download shows and movies on Netflix to your PC

Now that the Netflix app is installed, click Launch. At other times you can easily find it from the app list in your Start Menu.

Click the Sign in button at the top right of you screen and enter your log in details.

Netflix on Windows 10

Once signed in, you should see an alert from Netflix about Download & Go. As it says, look out for the symbol shown for shows you are able to download.

Netflix on Windows 10

You can either click FIND SOMETHING TO DOWNLOAD now to see all the downloadable shows and movies available, or dismiss it by clicking OK.

Every time you open the Netflix app and want to find downloadable shows and movies, click the three-line menu symbol at the top left, followed by Available for Download.

Netflix on Windows 10

When you see a show or movie you like, click on the download symbol to save it offline.


3. How to find shows and movies you’ve downloaded on the Netflix app

To see all the shows you have available, open the three-line menu symbol at the top left, followed by My Downloads.

Netflix on Windows 10

You’ll then see a full list of shows and movies you’ve downloaded which are available to watch during those moments you’re without data.

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