Google Maps has changed the way we go about planning routes and navigating - but other mapping apps and websites offer a range of innovative and useful features, notably Microsoft Maps.

The computing giant has just rolled out a host of new features to its Windows 10 app, which were included as part of the Creators Update.

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So when you’re planning your next hike or city break, why not give WindowsMaps a go with these additional features:

Draw and annotate your route

One of the strengths traditional paper maps have always had over digital is the ability to write on them. And while you could add text boxes and type to virtual maps, it’s never really been a practical solution.

Now, if you have a touch screen device, you can annotate on Maps in aerial mode, so you can quickly and easily circle that spot in the country park you want to stop at for a picnic. You can also annotate maps with a mouse on a traditional PC.

You can also draw your route and the app will calculate how long it will take, regardless of whether you draw on roads, mountains or paths.

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Plan a visit with Collections

Windows 10 Maps

Whether you have a big trip coming up or you want to keep a list of restaurants you’d like to visit, Collections is great for keeping track of spots that interest you.

Rather than saving individual favourites, Collections allows you to keep a list of specific locations, and you can add notes to remember why you compiled them in the first place.

Better readability

Windows 10 Maps app

Microsoft has made some improvements to Maps’ visuals as well, notably how text appears.

Depending on the angle at which you are viewing the map, some labels will appear flat or stand up.

Remember your previous searches on even more devices

We’re already used to our Maps searches appearing across PCs and phones, but Microsoft has gone one step further by adding them to other connected devices.

Now you can also see everything you’ve searched from the Xbox One console and the HoloLens headset – so there’s no need to search for the same place across different devices again.

Make corrections

Spot an error? Let Microsoft know and improve mapping for yourself and other users.

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