You can now pretend you're the pilot a Eurofighter Typhoon jet

A 360-degree video allows you to experience the sound, take off and landing and exhilaration of flying a jet fighter from the comfort of your web browser.

The Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet is the most advanced multi-role military aircraft in the skies.

Created by Europe’s leading aerospace companies, including the UK’s BAE Systems, the twin engine fighter can reach supersonic speed in under 30 seconds.

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Airbus Defence and Space have released a 360-degree video on YouTube which allows you to experience sitting as a fighter pilot. Try it below and remember to click around the screen to explore the flight.

What is a Eurofighter Typhoon?

The fighter jet is a swing role aircraft, which means it is able to switch between air-to-air and air-to-surface roles at short notice and even within the same mission. It is powered by two Eurojet EJ200 engines and the weaponry on board includes up to six bombs, six missiles, a cannon and targeting pod.

It has a 10.95-metre wingspan, is nearly 16 metres in length and its maximum take-off weight is 24.4 tonnes. The aircraft can go from brakes off to take-off in less than eight seconds, and reach supersonic speeds in under 30 seconds.


Where does it fly?

There are over 250 aircraft in service and alongside being used by the Royal Navy, the planes are used in the air forces of Austria, Germany, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman.

In the UK, 5,000 people are directly employed by BAE to work on the Eurofighter Typhoon programme.

What technology is in the helmet?

A key part of the technology is the pilot’s helmet, dubbed the 'Helmet Mounted Symbology System'. Sensors on the helmet are connected to sensors on the aircraft so the plane can track the slightest movements to calculate exactly where the pilot is looking; the system then manoeuvres the plane and its weapons automatically in the same direction, saving vital moments in combat situations. 


Images: BAE Systems

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