A flying concept car with a drone-like attachment that lets it take off has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Aeroplane manufacturer Airbus are behind the design, with help from engineering company Italdesign.

The Pop.Up concept car consists of a people-carrying capsule that can connect to a ground module with wheels, and an air module, with propellers.

The capsule is also self-driving (Airbus Group)
The capsule is also self-driving (Airbus Group)


Like any self-respecting car of the future, it’s electric, and has self-driving and flying modes.

In Airbus’ video, someone uses their smart sunglasses to order a vehicle to take them to their destination.

The firm maintains the car could solve traffic problems in cities by acting as a new form of public transport.

Safe to say, it makes Uber look pretty unexciting.

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