Caravanning is a great way to see the countryside, but what if you want something a bit more exciting than your bog-standard model?

These five caravans are spec’d to the nines, with fold-out sections, a first floor and even the ability to float on water. The only thing they can’t do is guarantee some good weather.

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The Caraviso, unveiled in 2015 at Birmingham's NEC, is a caravan that is controlled by a smartphone. 

Styled on a luxury yacht, the caravan is packed with technology, including a finger print-activated biometric access control.

The app can control the lighting, sound, heating and even the door lock. 

Find out more at

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Multicellular Caravan

Multicellular caravan

Website: Mehrzeller

It might look a bit odd, but there’s a method to the madness – it’s to show what is possible with today’s caravans. You can design this concept caravan in any way you like, so it’s completely personalised to you. You provide the input, and they’ll design the Mehrzeller – or multicellular caravan – to your specifications.

We quite like this variant – on the inside, it looks like the mobile home of a Bond villain, complete with flatscreen TV, U-shaped banquette and fitted kitchen. All you need is a swivel chair and a white cat, and you can spin round and say “Mr Bond, I’ve been expecting you”.

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Website: Bohtlingk

It might look small when it’s packed away, but park up and you can fold out the awning to increase its size by two thirds. You don’t need any tools to fold it out either, and it takes just seconds to transform.

Bohtlingk was designed all the way back in 1985 and won the Rotterdam Design Prize 1996. The awning is clear in places so you can see your surroundings, and there’s enough room for a sofa and a couple of chairs. All in all, it’s proof that you don’t need a lot of room to store a decent-sized caravan.




Website: Zero Squared

Space is constantly an issue nowadays, so Canadian firm Zero Squared has come up with an idea of a caravan that doesn’t take up much space but remains spacious all the same.


At the touch of a button, the tiny home that can be expanded outwards. Doing so increases the width from around eight and a half feet to just over 15 feet.

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Website: Furrion

The Elysium motorhome is probably the most insane concept you’ll find, as it comes with its own helicopter.

The 45ft long and eight-foot wide camper van has a landing pad on top for a two-seater Robinson R22 helicopter, in case you want to get off the road a bit and take to the skies.

And that’s not all – you’ll also find a hot tub, three widescreen TVs, a smart shower, smart loo and steam room in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the Elysium is just a concept for now, but if it ever did hit the market it would sell for around £2 million.

Read more about the Elyium motorhome here.


Morelo Empire Liner


Website: Morelo

If you want to take your fancy car as well as your motorhome, look no further than the Morelo Empire Liner.

This luxury motorhome comes with a garage, so you need not leave your car behind.

The inside is as lavish as one could expect with the likes of under-floor heating, a fitted kitchen that’s probably better than what most of us have at home, as well as a rain shower built-in.

But you’d better get saving, as the Empire Liner costs an eye-watering £350,000.

Find out more about the Morelo Empire Liner by clicking here.

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