In a connected world where we are continually rushing around, cramming more into each day, a new kitchen gadget offers the ultimate time-saving solution - meals within less than a minute.

Looking like the cross between a coffee machine and fridge, Genie works using Smart Baking Pods.

Place the pod into the device, select the type of food using a mobile app and within half a minute you’ve got tasty food.


Genie was developed by Israeli entrepreneurs Doron Marco and Ayelet Carasso from the White Innovation company.

They haven’t revealed much about technology inside the machine, but say it can cook any dish: “It can be a meal like chicken with rice, like couscous with vegetable or an amazing Ramen or even a chocolate soufflé or any other dessert that you want,” explained Carasso to Reuters.

If the idea sounds like something inspired by a science fiction movie it’s because it was.

The team describe it as a real-life version of Star Trek’s Replicator, which created on-demand food. Check it out in the video below.

Each pod contains freeze-dried ingredients that are natural and preservative free, with a shelf life of up to two years.

Going forward the team believes Genie could be used in places in the world with food shortages and are talking to the Israeli military about using the pods.

Genie is currently being trialled in Israel and is expected to go on sale in 2016 later for “several hundred” dollars.

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