Geminoid F, the movie star robot, has been drawing the crowds at a robot conference in China.

Shanghai played host to the World Robot Exhibition, which showcased the latest in robotic technology, including the incredibly realistic Geminoid F.

At first glance Geminoid F looks like a woman, but she’s actually an android made from metal, silicone and urethane. She was designed by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory as part of research into the human presence.

Photo credit: Rex

 “Where does the feeling of one's presence, such as the atmosphere or the authority of a person, come from? How can it be captured, revived, and transmitted?” Ishiguro asks.

“To tackle this mystery, we have developed a new real-person based android, ‘Geminoid’. A geminoid appears and behaves just like its source person. Also, it is tightly connected with its original by information paths.”

Geminoid F recently starred in a film, taking the significant role of Leona in Japanese film Sayonara.

Check out Geminoid F in a trailer for Sayonara above.

Photo credit: Splash, Rex

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