Do you fish? Have you ever faced the frustration of seeing your line pull, only to not reel it in quickly enough, allowing your catch to escape? Fishing fans from the US believe the solution is a connected fishing rod that could revolutionise fishing.

FishSentry is a range of fishing rods that communicate with your mobile phone, alerting you when you catch a bite.

Sensors at the tip and base of the rod monitor the tip dozens of times each second, looking for changes in movement. If it detects a change, it sends a signal over Bluetooth to the FishSentry app, which will alert you that the rod needs to be checked.

The app can monitor four rods simultaneously, making it suitable for fishing in a group or for professionals with multiple rods.

Click on the arrow in the main photo to watch a video about FishSentry.

Entrepreneurs and former engineers Greg Miller and Spencer Worley came up with the idea during a fishing trip on Puget Sound.  They noticed a salmon biting too late and realised they needed some connection with the rod: “The rod should be communicating and alerting us to activity on the line.”

The Seattle-based team then spent 18 months working on the technology to create a prototype and are now looking for funding on Indiegogo.

Three FishSentry rods are available to suit different fishing conditions: 8'6 Med Heavy 2 pc 12 to 25lb, 9'0 Med Heavy 2 pc 15 to 30lb and 9'6 Med Heavy  12 to 25 lb.

Each costs £313 ($499) from Indiegogo.

As well as alerting you when you get a bite, the app also functions as a fishing diary, recording the location and date information for fishing expeditions, along with the catches, tides, weather and moon phase.  This is information that can easily be shared with friends and is useful for planning future fishing expeditions.

The team is looking for £174,000 ($250,000) in funding to develop the app and manufacture the rods on a large scale. If they reach their target the first rods are expected to be delivered in August 2016.

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