Self-driving cars were once the stuff of sci-fi films – but in recent years, inventors have proven that it can be a reality.

Experts from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers believe that autonomous vehicles could make up 75% of traffic by 2040.

But any incidents until then are going to attract a lot of attention. Here are a few that have already been reported so far…

Self-driving car gets rear-ended… by a human

According to Google – who have led the way on driverless car development – human error has been the cause of all accidents experienced by its fleet.

Back in July, a modified Lexus SUV was involved in the first Google self-driving car incident where an injury was sustained.

Three Google employees experienced whiplash after another car rear-ended them travelling at 17mph as they stopped at a red light – but that other car was actually being handled by a driver.


Driverless car ‘veers’ towards other side of the road

Tesla has been testing its own Autopilot feature – but some videos posted online appear to show them doing some potentially dangerous turns.

A Model S Tesla driver in Portland, USA, was filmed as it swerved towards oncoming traffic. Thankfully, they took control of the vehicle and avoided a collision.

But Tesla has argued that the feature is only meant for motorways – and advised drivers that they still need to keep their hands on the wheel, as the technology is very new.

"The driver cannot abdicate responsibility for driving,” the company said.


A near-miss with a granny chasing ducks

Google self-driving car

Yes, you read that right. Google’s driverless cars have so far managed to avoid pedestrians – even when they’re chasing wildfowl.

One of their cars was cruising around California when a woman in an electric wheelchair got in the way as she chased a duck.

The company made good of the incident – saying that such unexpected happenings teach its self-driving cars how to handle unpredictable road troubles.


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