Every year hundreds of car makers descend on the Geneva Motor Show to reveal their latest innovations, but some of the concepts we see are unlikely to ever make it to market, mainly because they are just too futuristic.

They at least serve as a good indicator of what might happen and what manufacturers are already trying to make a reality.

Here are some of the fanciest futuristic cars we saw at the Geneva Motor Show this year:

Harman Rinspeed

This concept is an autonomous vehicle which features a full windshield heads-up display and an augmented reality concierge.


Hyundai FE Fuel Cell

The FE Fuel Cell features a widescreen display behind the steering wheel to dashboard centre, as well as a screen on the car’s centre console.


Volkeswagen I.D Buzz

This Microbus-inspired concept not only has a funky design but also allows the driver and front passenger seats to rotate 180-degrees to chat with those in the back two seats, as the vehicle drives itself.


AirBus Pop.up

This concept is not only autonomous on the ground, but also in the air when a large drone-like element comes and picks you up. Click here to find out more.


Renault Trezor

This 2-seater electric coupé features a red wooden dashboard with a luggage compartment, topped off by a high-tech dashboard and large touch screen.


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