Goodyear has revealed a new concept tyre that resembles a ball, magnetically connects to a car and can move in any direction.

The firm has unveiled what it calls the Eagle-360 Urban at the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland, a tyre that has artificial intelligence at its centre to power it that can sense weather conditions and instantly adapt the tyre accordingly.

Goodyear says the aim of the concept is to use it as part of self-driving car systems, working with the autonomous technology in the car to drive itself safely.

Goodyear also said the tyre would be made of a bionic skin, with the AI at the centre able to detect when damage or a puncture has occurred and change the contact angle on the tyre to protect it and prevent further damage. It also suggested it would be able to repair itself.

Goodyear Eagle-360 Urban tyre concept

The firm says the increased surface area will extend tyre life, cutting costs for drivers in the future as well as offering a huge leap forward technologically.

The shape and design also means the tyre and therefore the car would be able to travel in any direction.

Goodyear has been keen to stress that the Eagle-360 remains very much a concept design for now, though the company has spoken of its belief in a driverless car future, suggesting by the mid-2030s autonomous car sales will be in the multi-millions each year.

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