From android actresses to speaking dolls: The scariest robots ever

Innovative or just a little freaky? Decide for yourself whether these examples of artificial intelligence aren’t just a little bit too intelligent for comfort.

Robots have long been an obsession of mankind but few people probably believed they could ever become more intelligent than humans.

However, we’re seeing more and more examples of artificial intelligence getting the better of the very species that created it. For some, it’s an exciting step forward. For others, it’s all rather scary. Let’s take a look at some of the scariest examples of robots at work – hit play on the video below.

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Facebook’s AI bots start speaking in their own language

Facebook has been working with artificial intelligence for some time but two bots decided to take the conversation in a new direction recently by creating and using their own language.

The incident has been covered widely in the press as a cause for concern, given that no humans could understand the language. However, it’s normal given that the bots were actually told they were allowed to experiment with language in order to simplify how they communicate with each other – so this wasn’t some secretive plot between the two to take over the world.

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Android actress Geminoid F

Geminoid F made headlines late 2015 after becoming the first android to land an acting role in Japanese movie Sayonara.

Geminoid played the role of a robot called Leona and listened to the director’s commands, performing autonomously thanks to the powers of artificial intelligence.


Google AI wins ‘Go’

If you love the strategy board game Go, don’t play against Google’s AI robot DeepMind, as you’re almost certain to lose.

In May 2017, DeepMind beat Lee Sedol, one of the world’s leading Go players, in a gruelling match that went on for a painstaking four hours and 15 minutes.


Cayla the internet doll

Cayla was the doll on everyone’s Christmas list in 2016 thanks to its ability to speak to kids and respond using the internet.

By connecting to your wi-fi, Cayla would listen to your questions, send the results to an artificial intelligence program via the internet and provide a vocal answer. While it may seem creepy to some, others – including experts - were more alarmed about the potential for hackers to listen in on conversations through the doll.

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